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A gentle and organic detox designed to aid your body’s digestive system by removing unwanted toxins to leave you feeling energized, revitalized and in the pink!

Content/Net Weight:
TruDtox 10s x 2 packs
Each pack consists of 10 teabags x 3g. Packed in individual aluminium foil.

TruDtox BFF



Ginger root, peppermint leaves, rosehip, chamomile flower, orange peel, marshmallow root, buckthorn bark, bearberry.

Colour, texture, smell and taste may vary slightly from batch to batch due to the variations of natural ingredients used.

“Maybe it’s the 5 humongous meals I have a day. Maybe it is the junks that I love devouring so much. Or maybe my gastrointestinal system is just not at its optimum. One way or the other, I regularly feel bloated and digestion swings from being overactive to underactive. I decided to try detoxifying and chose TruDtox as it seems pretty easy. Just a cup of the herbal fusion a day and hey presto, after just 5 cups, my gastrointestinal seemed to have buck up and I am feeling more energized than I have ever been!”
– Kelvin, Businessman

“There are many good foods in Penang. Eventhough I’m born and bred here, I can never say no to the scrumptious foods like char kuay teow and Penang laksa. I dare not imagine how toxic my body is. I have been told many times to cleanse my system but have not given it a try because some of the detoxification processes sound too complicated. When I read the simple instructions in TruDtox, I thought maybe I should just try it, since my friends say the results were quite immediate. And they were right. Now, my body feels cleaner and I feel more energized.”
– Wendy, Entrepreneur

“Life as a student as we all know it, is really a survival of the fittest. Those who manage to juggle studies, social life, a healthy diet and lifestyle stays on top of the hierarchy. Those who can’t manage that, suffers. All the late nights (from both partying and studies!) and deadlines were taking its toll on my body. I get frequent headaches and flu, constipation and tires easily. A friend recommended TruDtox, and true to its claims, all the above ailments improve and I definitely feel on top of the world now!”
– Brendon, Student

“I’ve been in Shanghai for almost a year, and my digestive system has not really tuned into their ways of cooking yet. Not being able to cook at home due to the commitments at work, I have to eat out, and yes, the intolerable late nights drive me up the wall too. Hence I’m always experiencing constipation and I get tired very easily. When I was back in Malaysia for the holidays, I saw the packets of TruDtox on my mom’s kitchen table, and I decided to give it a try. After only one packet, I immediately feel better. My constipation problems resolved.”
– Christy based in Shanghai

“After just 5 days of continuously drinking TruDtox tea, I noticed I have less bloat and my tummy is much flatter than before!”
– Anita Chiam, Executive

“TruDtox not only helped me to detox but I also lost weight! Now with TruDtox, I’m healthier, lighter and much more regular.”
– Evelyn Liew, Executive

“TruDtox is the answer I’ve been looking for to help with my stomach bloatedness. I have tried so many different products but after drinking TruDtox, I could feel the difference. I felt so much lighter, cleaner and better.”
– Rose Che

“My problem with regularity is a result of irregular eating and not drinking enough water.  Thanks to TruDtox, I can easily achieve bowel regularity without using harsh laxatives.”
– Rain, Student

“Eating too much leaves me bloated, sluggish and tired. After 3 TruDtox sessions, I’m lighter, more alert and more focused at work!”
– Monica, Administrative Executive

“I take TruDtox to help clear away my gassy bloated feeling from eating out all the time. You know, a typical student’s diet like mine is full of junk food, fried foods, oily foods, fast food, carbonated sodas and sweets! I take TruDtox once or twice a week and I find it really helps to make me feel cleaner, lighter and more alert! It’s just a wonderful feeling unloading these toxins – so ‘shiok’!”
– C.W., Student

“I used to be constantly tired and bloated in my tummy. It was my first time drinking TruDtox yet I found it to be so effective. Not only did it flush out my waste but I felt much lighter, more energetic and even have better digestion. I have no qualms drinking TruDtox regularly now. Best of all, my tummy is flatter! I hope everyone has a chance to try this wonderful product!”
– Shahrul Nizah, Administrative Assistant

“I’ve been eating out a lot and after all the over indulgence, I was left feeling sluggish. It was as if my body was telling me enough was enough. I felt bloated! After just 3 TruDtox sessions, I had less bloat, my stomach became flatter, and even my clothes fitted much better. The biggest difference was the way I felt inside. I felt re-energised and ready to take on my daily routines again!”
– Malar, Beauty Consultant

“I’ve had difficult irregular bowel movement for a while now. But within  3 detox sessions , I already felt so much cleaner, lighter and more energetic!  Finally, I have smoother, more regular bowel movements – Thanks, TruDtox!.”
– Anne

“I used to feel tired all the time. After taking 5 sessions of TruDtox, I started to feel more alive and my energy levels have increased! It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted!”
– Joycelyn, Copywriter

What is the TruCleanse Programme?
It’s a 20-Day programme to help Jump-Start and support the body’s natural daily process of detoxification without harsh laxatives like commonly used Senna (Cassia Angustifolia).

What is TruDtox?
A vitality boosting formulation of imported, European high quality herbs, floras and teas traditionally know for aiding and relieving digestive problems such as stomach bloating, gas and constipation.

What are the benefits of TruDtox?
• Cleansing effect
• Helps with constipation
• Reduce bloating
• Increase energy levels
• Works gently

How does TruDtox work?
• Boosts immunity by cleansing the system
• Flushes away unwanted toxins, waste and gas<
• Strengthens digestive system through safe and gentle detox

Who should consume it?
Anyone from ages 18 and above who wants to: • boost his/her digestive system
• de-bloat and flatten tummy
• improve bowel movement
• increase energy levels
• shape his/her body through a natural detox

(Disclaimer: TruDtox tea should not be taken by pregnant and nursing mothers. If you have any pre-existing condition that you are concerned may make you unsuitable for TruDtox, then you should consult your doctor before consumption. TruDtox should not replace a healthy diet or exercise! Continue to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and eat the recommended amount of calories per day.)

How is TruDtox taken?
• Brew in freshly boiled water for 10-15 minutes.
• Brew longer for a stronger tea.
• Consume one sachet every alternate night over 20 days.
• Upon completion of the 20-day challenge, take a break and repeat the challenge at another time.
• You may also follow up with a tea bag occasionally, or as and when you feel a need to detox.

Customer Reviews

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Bagus Review by Asyik Izas
Secara ikhlas nya memang Asyik akan guna produk ini secara berterusan sebab bagus untuk kesihatan. Asyik recommend produk ini untuk korang guna sebagai minuman harian. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Easy to drink! Review by 灰姑娘
TruDtox味道清淡不难喝,简简单单的一个泡茶动作,就能为身体排毒,何乐不为呢? (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Lighter body, clearer skin! Review by Yue Rain
When I drink the TruDtox, my body was much lighter and yes when my skin is better, I feel good too.=) (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Excellent Review by Kim
I experience the cleansing action with the first sachet of TruDtox .I take it like every two days. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
More energy! Review by Linlin
一个朋友给我买了一包的TruDtox。经过短短5天,我有更多的能量,狂欢少。最棒的是,我能够集中精力,我的头脑是清晰! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Works well Review by Kimberley Chow
It works quite well on me as I go to the wash-room twice the next day, knowing that I consumed TruDtox the night before. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
I love TruDtox! Review by Adriana Thani
Here are 4 reasons I love drinking TruDtox Tea:
– It made me less bloated.
– It made me “go” regularly.
– It gave me energy.
– It’s yummy! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
I really like it! Review by Senrining
After consuming TruDtox for about two weeks, it definitely helps me on reducing the tummy bloat and digestive discomforts. I really like how TruDtox gently purify my body and improves overall health! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Ringan! Review by Ida Baharum
HAHA bila settle rasa perut I ringan. Kosong. TAPI tak lapar. Ringan tu yang BEST. (Posted on 2/7/2017)

9 Item(s)

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